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Colourful Echoes (1).JPG

Colourful Echoes
by Joanne Lau

Colourful Echoes speaks of the audio and visual experiences in Joanne’s life, which many can relate to. The artist uses vibrant colours to depict blissful moments whereas dark colours to reflect on the down time. Together, they enrich one’s life creating a perfect balance of harmony. Coinciding with her 70th birthday solo show, Joanne plans to donate a portion of its proceeds to 3 non-governmental organizations. Walking down the path of charity, she believes that her blessing to paint is to bless others with her art.

‘Reading art through feelings’

As an artist who paints with empathy, Joanne's subject of creativity is heavily inspired by what is felt, seen and heard. 

A Painful Heart.JPG
The Silhouette.jpeg

Joanne strongly believes that there has to be feelings involved when viewing an art piece in order to connect. Being a positive thinker, Joanne paints with the purpose of bringing joy, hope, love and prosperity into homes and offices. Her colours speak volumes about those factors as well as the importance of peace and harmony. She believes that her artwork can enlighten a place like a spark of light! Such is her mind when she paints. She draws inspirations from the sights and sounds of her life’s travels and experiences. Each piece carries a story or an inspiration.

As Joanne celebrates her 70th birthday, this exhibition not only showcases her artistic evolution but also her commitment to giving back. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to three non-governmental organisations, reflecting Joanne's belief that her gift to paint is a blessing to be shared with others.

The Garden Blooms.JPG
Rainforest Close-Up II.JPG
The Rising_Reborn.JPG
Together We Triumph.png


The following artworks by Joanne Lau is a recollection of her experiences of what is heard, felt, and seen. An artist who paints with empathy, these series of artworks are imbued with emotions through strokes, colours and distinctive twirls and curls. 

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